EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems has been a BOMA OC member and gold partner for more than a decade. Last month, they became our newest platinum partner! Read our interview with them below, to learn more about EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems!

What are the products and services EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems offers and provides?

EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems is a full services HVAC and Energy Services provider. Services include mechanical service and retrofit, building automation systems, solar installation and service, and comprehensive energy packages. We have 15 offices serving California, Arizona, and Nevada with the HQ office located in Irvine.

What does your BOMA OC membership mean to your company?

BOMA Orange County has been an invaluable resource to our company. Through our membership with the chapter we have been able to take advantage of very useful education and numerous networking opportunities with current and potential customers. We appreciate and value the wonderful partnerships and friendships we have gained over the 10+ years we have been members. We admire the comradery that the association brings to the industry and always look forward to seeing all the friendly faces at the events. EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems is very proud to be a member of BOMA!

What are the values EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems upholds as a company?

For over 30 years, EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems (Mesa) has provided its clients with high-quality mechanical, commercial HVAC, building automation, and energy services. Using the latest equipment in advanced, state-of-the-art, diagnostic and automated control technologies, we are able to minimize the cost of operating your building environment without sacrificing occupant comfort. Our business is built on a tradition of innovation and is marked by principles of integrity, quality, functionality and dependability.

What are EMCOR Services / Mesa Energy Systems impact on the commercial real estate industry and Orange County community as a whole?

Our core business allows us to not only provide basic HVAC services, but to also serve as an energy solutions provider. We design, build, maintain and improve our customers’ facilities and mechanical systems. This creates opportunities for us to enhance energy efficiency more broadly and deeply. Our team assists our customers on a daily basis with various ways they can reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings and lower energy and water usage. Additionally, we work with local utilities to develop robust rebate programs to financially assist customers in achieving their overall reduction goals.

Within our communities, we participate and contribute to several local charities through the year such as Best Day Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, The Child Abuse Prevention Center, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, and Casa Teresa. Through sponsorship, we have been able to help many local schools raise money for educational and sports programs.