Allison Beck, Assistant Portfolio Operations Manager, LBA Realty is one of our rising BOMA Young Leaders. Scroll beow to read our full interview with Allison to learn about her motivations and goals.

BOMA OC: What company are you with?

Allison: LBA Realty

BOMA OC: What services does your company provide?

Allison: Real Estate Management and Investment.

BOMA OC: What does your BOMA membership mean to you?

Allison: Camaraderie

BOMA OC: What are three lessons that you have learned the hard way?


  1. Perfection is an impossible standard to uphold; what matters is that you try your best.
  2. Don’t fear failure, it is inevitable.
  3. Turn your mistakes in to an opportunity for learning.

BOMA OC: What are three traits that you admire of your closest mentors?


  1. Dedication.
  2. Strong leadership. 
  3. Support – I am lucky to have leaders who are mentors and friends, and who support me in my professional and personal endeavors.

BOMA OC: What is your “personal motto”?

Allison: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

BOMA OC: What is your proudest moment?

Allison: Traveling to Washington D.C. with two of my leaders at LBA to accept the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award on behalf of the company.