Emily Franklin, Property Manager, with Athena Property Manager is of our amazing rising Principal Young Leaders and is an active member on our Young Leaders committee. We interviewed Emily this month to learn to learn more about her career aspirations and experience of being a part of BOMA OC.

BOMA OC: What company are you with?

Emily:  Athena Property Management.

BOMA OC: What services does your company provide?

Emily: Athena Property Management provides full service Commercial Retail Management, Leasing, Construction Management, and Marketing.

BOMA OC: What does your BOMA membership mean to you?

Emily: My BOMA membership means community for me. Members are welcoming, helpful, and supportive.

BOMA OC: What are three lessons that you have learned the hard way?


    1.  Always ask for what you want. Even if you do not get it, insist on   receiving feedback on how to achieve your goal.
    2.  Separate your personal feelings from your professional feelings.
    3.  Give & Take information, on a regular basis.

BOMA OC: What are three traits that you admire of your closest mentors?


    1. Approachability
    2. Knowledgeable
    3. Willing & able to devote time to my portfolio, so I can continue to learn new skills.

BOMA OC: What is your “personal motto”?

Emily: Dreams do not work, unless you do.

BOMA OC: What is your proudest moment?

Emily:  There are a few proud moments I have over the course of my CRE professional career, but my most recent proud moment was being apart of a redevelopment team that had three projects occurring at the same time. One of the projects included the first Amazon store located in Woodland Hills, CA.

During the project, I just couldn’t see the end of the tunnel but it was a great feeling to have the new tenant open to the public and all of the restaurant tenant customers enjoy outdoor dining in the new food court area, especially during these difficult times. Experiencing a project from start to finish, adding my opinions on design and functionality really solidified my passion in merging operation and construction management into my managerial style.