Brett Weekley, Property Manager with RiverRock Real Estate Group is another one of our illustrious rising Principal Young Leaders. He currently serves as a co-chair on our Young Leaders committee.

BOMA OC: What company are you with?

Brett: RiverRock Real Estate Group.

BOMA OC: What services does your company provide?

Brett:  Property and Construction Management, and Accounting services.

BOMA OC: What does your BOMA membership mean to you?

Brett: It is very important to me in staying connected with my peers, partners, and competitors. I put a lot of value on being able to attend events for networking and staying involved to be current and relevant in the industry.  I encourage my peers to be involved as well.

BOMA OC: What are three lessons that you have learned the hard way?


    1.  Say “Yes” to things that take you out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Doing this has helped me grow exponentially, but is much easier said than done.
    2. Balance in life is very important.
    3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. When I was just starting out in my career I thought I had to know everything which is the complete wrong way of thinking.  Once you realize that it is OK to ask for help, you will grow and your relationships will improve.

BOMA OC: What are three traits that you admire of your closest mentors?


    1. Hardworking
    2. Ability to gain the trust of peers
    3. Always ask the question, “What is the right thing to do”?

BOMA OC: What is your “personal motto”?

Brett: “Discipline equals freedom.”

BOMA OC: What is your proudest moment?

Brett: It is difficult to pick one moment, so I would say I am most proud of my career path and how I get to work for one of the best firm’s in the industry.