Education Committee

Director of Education:
Abigail Yocam
Irvine Company Office Properties
(949) 729-1471

Seminar Chair:
Rowena Marquez Trejo
(949) 331-1484

Foundations of Real Estate Management (FREM) Chair:
Rebecca Bronder
Irvine Company Office Properties
(949) 253-4500

On the Menu Co-Chairs:
Gary Bittner
(949) 492-1100

Nicole Bonita
(949) 955-2131

Committee Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to promote and develop careers in the commercial real estate industry through collaboration and outreach while providing pertinent, quality and useful information on the industry, trends, best practices and designations to members and the community.

Seminars occur bi-annually and provide the membership with an in-depth discussion of key topics and latest trends in the marketplace.  Quarterly Lunch & Learns provide a “bite sized” introduction to the fundamentals of commercial real estate.